This website is the final product of the project “Educarsi per educare: le competenze e la loro progettazione didattica in ambiente 2.0”, developed by Cometa Formazione and financed by Lombardy Region with the project Generazione Web 2015-2016, to promote the knowledge of  digital tools in education and training for adults and kids. In order to develop a collaborative and cross-sectoral didactic, new approaches 2.0 and Moodle platform have been implemented. Henceforth, training on digital tools has become crucial for staff in schools. The aim of the project “Educarsi per educare”, beyond the promotion of new tools and the development of digital skills, is to offer a a holistic approach including all the relevant competences and topics in the education and training of kids. Realizing this website, all the videos and didactic materials produced by the participants and discussed during the activities of the project are now available also at international level, in line with the main aim of the project.