Graduate tracking and Alumni relations in VET schools

Since the Council Recommendation on Tracking Graduates (EC, Nov 2017), tracking procedures have become a key policy priority. The Recommendation is part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe and aims at improving the availability of qualitative and quantitative data on graduates from Vocational Education and Training (VET) and higher education programmes. It invites Member States to establish, by 2020, graduate tracking systems that include the collection of relevant administrative data from education, tax and social security databases; the development of longitudinal graduate surveys; and the possibility to link, on an anonymous basis, data from different sources to build a composite picture of graduate outcomes.

The present TRACKTION_baseline_study provides a concise summary of the tracking and alumni initiatives in nine VET schools in four European countries (Estonia, Italy, Netherlands and Spain). The baseline survey was created within the project Tracktion, The results underline similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses of the analysed tracking procedures.

Published by Laureen De Palma

International Project Manager at Cometa. Before joining Cometa, I was research assistant for the Department of Education Science at Università Roma 3 in several Erasmus projects. I got my bachelor in Languages and Intercultural communication and integration; my Master in Integrated communication for Public Administration and Non profit.

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