Francesco Fornasieri -8 posts

Teacher of Art and Ph.D Student at University of Bergamo. I got my degree in Painting and Visual Arts at Brera’s Academy of Fine Arts- Milan. My research interests range from the role of art in the development of mind in forming the role of creativity in the world of contemporary work.

Franco Ferrazza -2 posts

Former HR manager for several multinational corporations, he is now consultant in HR and organization, coaching, training and tutoring. Expert in counselling and job research, president of the Centro Sviluppo Occupazione for Lazio Region; he is a trainer for trainers and counsellor at school and university levels. His research focuses on soft skills and job research methods in both public and private sectors.

Giuseppe Sinatra -2 posts

Giuseppe Sinatra (Siracusa, 1986) got his degree at Università degli Studi of Catania in Physics. Since 2011 he has been teaching Mathematics at Cometa Formazione and he is also trainer for trainers. His research focuses on mathematics learning, digital tools in education and training and problem based teaching. In 2016 he got his PhD at Università di Bergamo in Human Capital Formation and Labour Relations. He is currently coordinator of the first "Liceo Artigianale” in Italy

Joanna Tobys -2 posts

Main specialist at Career Counselling Centre for Youth in Poznań. Certified career consultant, andragogist, coach and career manager. Responsible for determining professional aptitudes of middle school students and providing them with guidance for next grade education. Previously specializing in professional elicitation of long-term unemployed.

Laureen De Palma -4 posts

International Project Manager at Cometa. Before joining Cometa, I was research assistant for the Department of Education Science at Università Roma 3 in several Erasmus projects. I got my bachelor in Languages and Intercultural communication and integration; my Master in Integrated communication for Public Administration and Non profit.

Letizia Ferri -3 posts

PhD candidate in Human capital formation and labour market relations at University of Bergamo. Employed by Cometa Formazione for the Liceo Artigianale, an innovative high school based on STEAM approach. Teacher of Italian language, history, geography. I got my degree in Italian philology on Russian writings at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and a Master in International Relations at Aseri, Milan.



Marcin Wozniak -2 posts

Data analytics and social researcher in the Labor Market Observatory of Poznan Agglomeration (Poland). My everyday tasks are developing and conducting research and analysis on the local labor market. I got my degree in the educational science at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Now I am at the end of Ph.D. studies at the Department of Labor and Social Policy of Poznan University of Economics. In my research, I try to explore the field of labor economics. At present, my research projects focus on forecasting local labor market, analysis of education to work transition and modeling complex socio-economic systems.

Marianna Nicotra -2 posts

(Catania, 1984), is PhD in Human capital formation and labour market relations, degree that she got in 2016 at Università di Bergamo. Graduated at Università degli Studi di Catania in Modern Philology in 2011, she is a teacher of Italian, Communication, Literature and History through the reality based learning, and a researcher, in Cometa formazione, where she has been teaching since 2011. Her interests has always been teaching general subject in VET starting from experience, experimenting tools, strategies and curriculum planning involving the student’s personal experience for learning. Her experience brought her to study a complete exemplar curriculum for the Hospitality sector entirely based on work occasion in witch developing the national standards for humanities in order to meet them trough various didactic strategies.

Martin Mulder -2 posts

Former department head and professor of Education and Competence Studies, Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He specialized in competence theory and research. He did research in the field of human resource development, vocational and professional education and higher education. He received the 2016 European Vocational Education and Training Research Award by the European Commission.

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